Sprint Releases HTC EVO 3D Update; Removes Carrier IQ Software

The HTC EVO 3D update released by Sprint last week was designed to remove the controversial carrier IQ software from the device.

Apart from that, the update also includes a number of security enhancements, and a longer batter life.
The removal of the carrier IQ software, however, was realised by very few users, until of course the matter started surfacing in the media. Before the update was dispatched, The Now Network claimed that over 26 million devices in total were carrying carrier IQ software. So, this new update will help lower this figure significantly, reports IntoMobile.
According to further reports, Sprint as of now, has 15 other devices equipped with this controversial software. Most users of those handsets don’t expect the company to remove it anytime soon. The primary reason behind users’ sheer displeasure with carrier IQ software is the fact that the software is designed to track almost anything done via the handset – be it phone calls, text messages or application usage. The information gathered this way is then sent to the mobile carrier.