• Drivies is an app, available on Android and iOS, which encourages good driving habits and road safety, combining the principles of gamification with the latest monitoring technology.

• This application, a first in Spain, can also be used by good drivers to obtain better car insurance prices.


CEO of Telefónica I+D (TID), David del Val and Mª del Mar Cogollos,Director of the Spanish Association for the Study of Spinal Cord Injury (AESLEME), have launched Drivies, an application which uses the capabilities and sensors of mobile phones to analyse driving habits in order to provide drivers with information on how to improve the handling of their vehicles.

Additional benefits include petrol savings and better deals on car insurance. The app, available free of charge on the most recent iOS and Android smartphones and created using TID technology, detects speeding, distractions due to the use of mobile phones while at the wheel and abrupt driving behaviours (acceleration and braking). It also helps users drive more efficiently from the point of view of petrol consumption.

“Drivies has been entirely developed at Telefónica and all its innovations are patented by Telefónica I+D”, explained David del Val. “This initiative forms part of our collaboration with Telefónica Insurance, aimed at innovation in the insurance world.

The company has also used the “lean startup” work methodology when creating this application, thereby enabling the tool to be launched in just four months”. Moreover, with Drivies, Telefónica furthers its objective of making technology and innovation available to everyone, in order to promote better quality of life and encourage positive growth in the community.

In this sense, Mª del Mar Cogollos added that “given that, with regard to road safety in both Spain and other European countries, we are seeing how the downward trend in the number of deaths on the roads is slowing, we should welcome and support any tool which helps to reverse this state of affairs. We should not neglect the reinforcement of control measures and, above all, we