World’s First CDMA Small Cell Solution


Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, demonstrated its CDMA Small Cell solution, integrated with WiFi, at the CDMA Summit 2011 in Hong Kong.

The sharp increase in data traffic of single Mobile Broadband (MBB) subscriber has been well documented. In order to meet operator’s requirements for high traffic density and deep coverage of the network, Huawei launched the CDMA Small Cell solution, integrated with WiFi. With this solution, operators can deploy networks quickly, increase the QoE (Quality of Experience) of customers and reduce the O&M costs (Operation and Maintenance) since both the macro and micro networks are deployed using one management system.
Huawei’s CDMA Small Cell solution improves coverage and capacity in blind spots of indoor and outdoor areas. It can be deployed easily without an equipment room, saving operators on the cost of site and labor. Huawei’s CDMA Small Cell solution also can be used without GPS (Global Positioning System) signal, maintaining coverage in areas such as basements, elevators and mines. Additionally it has been designed for easy installation and plug-and-play and also supports various access technologies such as DSL(Digital Subscriber Line), LAN(Local Area Network), PON(Passive Optical Network) and satellite.