IoT Conclave 2018 – Dubai

    UMS’s IoT Conclave 2018 is a platform for professionals and experts across industries to come together to discuss the potential of IoT and how to unlock this potential to best suit business needs.

    With its development of smart cities, enhanced connected infrastructure, and constantly growing connected culture, UAE, is a front runner in adoption and implementation of IoT, making it the ideal venue to host this event. IoT 2018 is a platform to explore how the Internet of Things can accelerate business in going completely digital.

    IoT Conclave 2018 Will Focus On

    • Current trends in IoT
    • Convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT)
    • Building a digital enterprise
    • Challenges and risks associated with IoT
    • Integration hurdles and how to overcome them
    • IoT and big data analytics
    • Building a robust and effective cybersecurity strategy