AIS Joins Forces with IPification to Deliver Next-Gen Phone Verification to Thailand


AIS, the leader in Cognitive Tech-co and telecommunications services in Thailand has joined forces with IPification to deliver next-generation phone number verification solutions to Thailand. IPification is the leading global provider of mobile IP address-based authentication, phone verification, and fraud prevention solutions.

The longest-running network in Thailand, AIS prides itself on continuously improving its services to enhance its customers’ lives and businesses. With IPification as its partner, AIS not only improves the quality of life of its customers but also re-establishes its brand as one of the biggest innovators in the region.

Together, IPification and AIS will deliver next-generation phone verification APIs to developers in the country.

To successfully complete phone verification, users need to input their number and click once, and their request is completed within milliseconds.

With the solution, mobile app developers in Thailand get to provide a bank-grade secure and frictionless user experience. In turn, their user acquisition, retention, and engagement rates are expected to increase.

IPification currently has a coverage of over 3.5B subscribers globally with its flagship phone verification solution, now also present in Thailand.