Proximus Launches New STB, Apple TV and Multiscreen Apps Enabled by 3SS 3Ready Framework


3 Screen Solutions (3SS), leading provider of software solutions for set-top boxes (STB), smart TV, multiscreen and in-vehicle entertainment, announces that Belgium’s largest telco Proximus has launched several new apps to further enhance reach and device variety for its super-aggregated Pickx service.

3SS has designed and delivered new Pickx apps for Apple TV, and iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

The new multiscreen offerings expand Proximus’ Pickx STB-based next-generation IPTV+OTT TV service, based on Android TV™ Operator Tier, and available to all Proximus’ TV subscriber base, comprising over 1.65 million homes.

“Proximus’ partnership with 3SS now spans many years, and we welcome the high level of creative input and innovation that 3SS brings to help ensure Pickx remains world-class,” said Jim Casteele, Consumer Market Lead at Proximus. “Embracing 3Ready as the service foundation helps us deliver very best experience quality; furthermore, adopting a cross-platform development approach with React Native enables us to ship much quicker with more frequent releases than previously, allowing Proximus to deliver more, faster,” he added.

“The ongoing expansion of Pickx, and the delight and flexibility we’re providing to our customers, are a true testament to what can be achieved with our shared vision and highly collaborative approach with 3SS,” said Casteele.

Powerful and energy-efficient set-top box, with integrated Wi-Fi 6 technology

Proximus will gradually start distributing the new V7c (or V7 compact) STB – the Quartz from Vantiva. The new receiver delivers an even better user experience and provides several significant features including integrated Wi-Fi 6 technology.

The V7c incorporates more powerful hardware than its predecessors. 3 GB RAM, integration of the latest chip technology and the latest version of the Android operating system (Android 12) result in smoother switching between applications and an overall better user experience.

The new decoder is made from recycled plastic and is 40% smaller than earlier deployed STBs, making transport more efficient and environmentally friendly. With 12W power, the V7c uses about 25% less electricity. Integrated Wi-Fi 6 means the customer can connect wirelessly to their home network without an external booster. The STB will initially be distributed to new subscribers, but older models in existing customers’ homes will gradually be replaced for free.

Delivering award winning 3Ready-enabled user experience

Netflix is seamlessly integrated on the STB, as is a new Disney+ pre-app experience enabling content discovery from the home page. The STB user experience aligns with the established, multiple award-winning Pickx UX, powered by 3SS’ 3Ready product platform.

3Ready is the business-enhancing solution that enables service providers to rapidly deploy and evolve highly engaging and content-rich entertainment offerings. Today,3Ready powers over 28 operator and carmaker services in 51 markets with a total user reach of over 68 million users.

Super-aggregated Pickx offers more than 100 live TV channels. Netflix, Disney+ and in-house sports offering Pickx Sports are bundled and deeply integrated. Subscriptions can be fully managed directly via the STB, and viewers can discover trending content of a service before subscribing, making it easier to decide to add it to their bundle.

React Native for efficient cross-platform launch & evolution

3SS designed and delivered the new mobile and Apple TV apps using React Native processes. React Native enables cross-platform development, with a single codebase used for multiple operating systems and device platforms. Integration of devices with the back end and other system components is much more efficient with React Native. Proximus is now in the position to further scale the experience to more platforms.

3Ready-enabled React Native developments benefit from higher alignment between platforms at no visible performance loss, far greater resource efficiency, and faster time to market.

“Proximus’ drive to deliver ever more quality and choice to its customers is unwavering,” said Kai-Christian Borchers, 3SS Managing Director. “We are extremely honored that Proximus continues to trust 3SS in its long-term roadmap for award-winning Pickx.”

Lean-agile project delivery practices including SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), originally facilitated by 3SS, now infuse Proximus’ TV business. Agile methodologies include working closely with trusted third-party providers, with a high level of collaboration and communication in development processes. The result is dramatically reduced lead time between definition and delivery of a product, less waste, higher product quality and accelerated time to market.

Proximus selected 3SS to deliver its multiscreen offerings in April 2022. This followed launch on Android TV Operator Tier STB in September 2020.

Since its 2020 launch, Pickx has been honored with several prestigious industry accolades, including winning the CSI Award for Best TV User Experience 2020 and the UX Award at VideoTech Innovation Awards 2021.