Atmosphere IoT and OKdo partner to bring radical simplicity to IoT development


Atmosphere IoT Corp., an innovative provider of a low-code development platform for IoT solution builders, and OKdo, the global technology company from the Electrocomponents Plc, announced a partnership to integrate a variety of OKdo’s best-selling Single Board Computers and IoT-centric development boards with Atmosphere’s award-winning, cloud-based IoT application enablement platform.

Available today, the OKdo E1 Development Board, based on the NXP LPC5569 MCU, is now a supported device within the Atmosphere IoT Studio, which means it can be programmed by millions of professional and aspiring developers, who can take advantage of Atmosphere’s drag and drop library of compatible peripheral items, including sensors and wireless modems. Within minutes, an OKdo E1 user can create their own custom firmware, a mobile application and a cloud application. OKdo plans to demonstrate the joint Atmosphere / E1 solution by sending environmental sensor data across a LoRa network at the upcoming The Things Network Conference from January 25-29, 2021.

“We are excited about our new partnership with OKdo and our support for their E1 Development Board,” said Atmosphere co-founder and CEO Jeff Liebl. “We look forward to showing together just how easy it can be to create complete sensor to cloud systems using the latest OKdo offered devices.”

Both firms plan to expand their collaboration to include a variety of popular developer boards, IoT kits and single board computers offered by OKdo. Atmosphere IoT Studio supports popular hardware including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, and Nordic’s NRF MCU, which is the underlying application processor of the popular micro:bit computer.

“We are happy to see Atmosphere IoT Studio support the powerful yet very affordable OKdo E1 development board,” said Richard Curtin, SVP of Technology, OKdo. “Together we can provide our customers with an outstanding developer experience with best-in-class tools.”

Since its release, Atmosphere IoT Studio has attracted thousands of registered users globally to its powerful, yet easy to use Integrated Development Environment. Designed for IoT solution builders, the Atmosphere IoT Studio IDE allows the simultaneous development of embedded firmware, a mobile application and cloud connectivity all from a single, Graphical User Interface.