Finnish telecom operators share new 5G spectrum


Finnish telecom operators Telia, Elisa and Telenor-owned DNA all won frequencies at the country’s auction of new high-speed 5G mobile networks, the Ministry of Transport and Communications said.

Finland first granted 5G licences in 2018 and Monday’s auction was the second issue of licences, which will be valid until the end of 2033.

The latest auction included three 800 MHz bands in the 25.1-27.5 GHz range for use in mainland Finland, and all three were sold at a starting price of 7 million euros ($7.9 million)each.

Elisa won the 25.1-25.9 GHz frequencies, Telia 25.9-26.7 GHz and DNA 26.7-27.5 GHz, and there were no other bidders, the ministry said. Construction of the new networks can begin on July 1.

“Over the past 18 months, the 5G network has been made available in 30 cities and municipalities in Finland. This spring, well-functioning connections have proved even more valuable than anticipated,” the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency said in a statement, referring to the COVID-19 epidemic.

DNA said the 26 GHz frequency band allows the transfer of larger data amounts than before and is particularly suitable for providing high-speed connections in densely populated areas such as urban centres, transport hubs and public events.

“In the future, several businesses are also expected to use 5G technology in this frequency band,” DNA said in a statement. Finland, home to network equipment maker Nokia, was among the first countries in the world to introduce 5G technology.