How To Find The Cheapest Internet In Whitby


The internet is a resource most people have adopted in their daily lives. In recent years, internet use has increased in various settings and for multiple reasons: office spaces use the web for productivity, homes use the net for streaming and entertainment, and so on.

Because of society’s heavy dependence on tech, internet services are a must-have today. Internet bills can be pricey though – that’s why seeking cheap alternatives is essential.

How can you find the cheapest internet in your area then? Here’s a guide to assist you. Keep on reading to find out more.

Compare Several Internet Service Providers

In Canada and beyond, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will make the internet available to your location. It’s said that most ISPs charge differently for their services for various reasons. Hence, the need to compare these charges.

Start by identifying several ideal providers and requesting quotes from them. Ensure they send a detailed quote that includes all current or future costs. You’d want to avoid additional costs in the future that’ll add to your expenses.

Compare the quotes at hand and identify the cheapest internet in Whitby and nearby. At the end of the day, refrain from settling on the lowest price for the quality of their services might be subpar.

Find Out Your Internet Needs

ISPs offer internet services in terms of speed, often abbreviated as Mbps (Megabits per second.) The higher the speed you seek, the more you’ll pay. When considering the Mbps, you shouldn’t blindly choose the least expensive package. It might not be enough for your needs.

To proceed, first find out your internet needs. How many devices do you want to use the internet at a go? How many people are in your household? What’s your use of the internet? Some uses, like work, require consistent and strong internet to prevent downtime.

The questions mentioned above are what you should ask before settling on the ideal internet speed. The more internet needs you have, the higher the Mbps you should seek. You can even get internet speed as high as 3000Mbps in Ontario.

With speed in mind, settle for the Whitby internet provider offering your desired web access speed at the lowest price.

Look At The Services They Offer

Cheap services don’t only relate to costs. It extends to value for money, which is what you should consider. The cheap aspect to consider is that you shouldn’t pay much money for fewer services. Otherwise, it’d be an expensive endeavor.

Therefore, look at the services the internet provider is offering you. How much are these services? Consider comparing several providers’ Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to get an idea of whether you’re getting value for your money.

For example, ISP A could be offering internet supply, installation, maintenance, and customer support at CAD$ 30 per month. ISP B offers internet supply and installation at CAD$40 per month. With the latter, you’re getting less, yet you’re paying for more. It makes ISP B expensive; you also won’t get value for money.

Compare And Contrast Different Payment Plans

As stated earlier, ISPs offer their services at different prices. In the same way, these providers have various payment plans for their services. The variety aims to provide convenience for their clients. These plans often determine how cheap your internet is.

For example, a provider can offer monthly, quarterly, or daily payments. They can charge CAD$2 per day, which seems quite cheap. At the same time, they have a monthly plan for CAD$40. The daily charges add up to CAD$60 per month, which is higher than the monthly CAD$40 price.

Make sure you compare the various payment options to get the best and cheapest internet in Whitby or in the city you’re in.

Consider The Location Of The ISP Company

Many providers offer internet services, and they’ll do this in different locations. Your chosen provider’s location determines how cheap the services will be.

It’s best to hire a provider as closest to you as possible. These services will be cheap since the provider won’t incur additional costs like transport to bring the services to you.

They also won’t need many cables to install an internet connection to your home. It’s not the same as when the provider has to incur many costs to serve your needs. These costs will reflect in the price you’ll pay for the services, which will be high.

Buy Your Own Modem And Router

Internet provision requires several accessories, with the two main ones being a modem and a router.

A modem acts as the bridge between the Local Area Network (LAN) and the internet, while a router forwards data packets from one computer network to another. Both accessories work hand-in-hand; hence, both are a must-have.

As you seek internet services, the ISP can supply the modem and router to you, all the while charging you on top of the other services they’ll offer. It’s an option you want to decline since it adds to the final price you’ll pay the provider. Instead, buy your own modem and router.

Negotiate For Cheaper Prices

As you scout for cheap internet in Canada, you’ll find out that most ISP companies have attached prices to the various internet plans. Here, you’re likely to assume the prices are fixed. Although it’s not far from the truth, it’s good to try and negotiate.

To give you a good seat at the negotiation table, do your research on the average prices of your desired internet speed in Whitby. Find an ideal price that’s not too high or too low from the average prices. It’s the price you’ll negotiate for with your ideal internet provider. Doing so will allow you to take advantage of cheap internet, especially if the provider’s price is higher than the average figure.


The need for cheap internet arises from the need for affordability. You don’t want to spend a fortune for these services, yet, you have other needs that need financing. From the discussion, it’s clear there are ways of finding the cheapest internet in Whitby. Use this insight in your search for an internet service provider.