Infortrend Provides Chinese Radio and TV Broadcasting Station with Storage Solution for NLE and Media Library


Infortrend® Technology, Inc., the industry-leading enterprise storage provider, enabled Chinese radio and TV broadcasting station with a reliable and high throughput EonStor GS storage solution for their non-linear editing (NLE) workflows and media asset management (MAM) system.

This Chinese radio and TV broadcasting station has been developing in line with the cultural reform by seamlessly combining traditional media with emerging media trends. As a result, the growing data volume and daily media workloads needed a modernized high throughput storage solution compatible with the already existing sophisticated hardware and software IT infrastructure. The station planned to deploy an easy-to-use storage with data protection functions. It was required to provide a foundation for media resource management and realization of the content ingestion, editing, and storage for release of radio and TV programs and further content archiving.

Infortrend’s EonStor GS 2000 with JB3000 expansion enclosure was chosen as it perfectly conformed to the project objectives. It can deliver up to 5.5GB/s throughput to handle workflow from 10 HD editing workstations through 10GbE. With such bandwidth, GS ensures that NLE workflows, e.g. editing, color correction, audio adjusting and subtitling, are smoothly and concurrently performed for on-time high quality program production. 100TB of usable space and smooth integration with the MAM-system allowed for unified and centralized management of all the media in the station. Data protection measures, such as RAID6 disk protection, snapshots, remote replication, and cloud backup, secure integrity of media content. Importantly, the user-friendly management software EonOne allows non-IT employees to easily set up and manage the system. For future development in 4K and 8K content production, maximum storage capacity can be expanded to more than 10PB.

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