KDDI announces the launch of the “KDDI SD-Network Platform”


KDDI announced that it will start offering KDDI SD-Network Platform, a network solution using SD (Software Defined) technology, to corporate customers in 37 countries and regions from December 5th. KDDI will also launch KDDI Security Cloud [2], which improves the level of security when using cloud services.

KDDI SD-Network Platform
Today, enterprises are expected to seamlessly optimize their networks in order to adapt to various business environmental changes, such as expanding cloud service usage, increasing numbers of overseas offices, and ongoing global business expansion.

KDDI SD-Network Platform enables companies to build a strong network to overcome these changes, offering network visibility, flexible control, and route optimization, all through the Internet and without installing new physical circuits.

Recently, enterprises have faced data traffic increases and congestion on their networks due to the rapidly increasing usage of public cloud services. KDDI SD-Network Platform service allows branch offices to make a direct Internet connection between particular applications and cloud services, alleviating congestion.

Furthermore, by using CASB [3] and other KDDI Security Cloud features, customers are able to make shadow IT visible and enhance the security level of their confidential data stored in cloud services.

KDDI SD-Network Platform adopts the advanced VNF (Virtualized Network Function) technology of Versa Networks, Inc. and enables our customers to expand their overseas offices quickly while strengthening IT governance in 37 countries and territories including Japan.

Kelly Ahuja, CEO of Versa Networks, Inc., comments:
“We are pleased that KDDI has selected Versa’s SD-WAN and SD-Security solutions to accelerate digital and cloud transformation for their business customers. KDDI will be deploying Versa’s Cloud IP Platform to deliver a cloud-native and policy driven network and security architecture that delivers increased visibility & control, and enables enterprises to move faster.”

KDDI will continue to contribute to our customers’ enterprises through flexible network solutions that boost the speed of their business.

  1. Overseas service and some parts of service in Japan will be launched in March 2018.
  2. KDDI Security Cloud will be available only to customers in Japan.
  3. CASB is an abbreviation for Cloud Access Security Broker; a solution that covers multiple cloud services with a single security policy.

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