New Zealand govt to speed up 5G rollout to towns, rural black spot areas


The New Zealand government is signing contracts with major telecommunications network operators to speed up the rollout of 5G to regional towns, especially rural black spot areas, across the country.

The government is committed to ensuring that everyone in New Zealand can get access to good mobile wireless coverage, no matter where they are, Minister for Digital Economy and Communications Ginny Andersen said.

The government has struck a bespoke deal with New Zealand’s three major network operators, namely Spark, 2Degrees and One New Zealand, which will deliver a faster rollout of 5G services to around 55 rural and regional towns across New Zealand and provide mobile wireless coverage to further rural black spot areas, Andersen added.

“By working together with our major mobile network operators, many more Kiwis will gain access to 5G services quicker, which is expected to provide faster data transmission speeds and capacity compared to 4G,” she said.

In return for the commitments from the major network operators, the government will provide long-term access to the 3.5GHz spectrum band used for 5G services worldwide through a direct allocation process. This exchange provides an opportunity to expand and improve coverage to regional and rural New Zealand, Anderson said.