Telematics Update Webinar: Honda & Michigan DoT explore certification & safety checks for imminent V2V intelligent transportation deployment in live discussion


Telematics Update has announced that free registration is now open for the live webinar on Auto Safety Technology – What regulation and safety checks need to be implemented?’ Matthew Smith, ITS program manager, Michigan DoT and Radovan Miucic, research engineer, Honda will contribute their expertise to the discussion taking place on Thursday Feb 27 at 12pm EST.

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When regulation and certification becomes a matter of life and death

V2V technologies have been declared as capable of significantly decreasing the number of vehicle collisions and policy is moving towards the deployment of intelligent transport systems. While the announcement has been welcomed by the industry as a positive signal of policy progress, the way in which the tech. will be certified and regulated remains unclear.

The live webinar discussion will address key policy issues such as who will provide the rubber stamp of approval for these technologies, and how minimum standards will be necessary to establishing an efficient and effective network.

Meredith Evans, Project Director at Telematics Update noted, “Regulations of V2V technologies are going to be integral to intelligent transport systems. Maintaining high performance standards across equipment, and ensuring they are failsafe before deployment  are obvious necessities, but at present there is no clear outline for how this will be structured. We have seen huge progress on the tech. front by OEMs during the wait for the NHTSA announcement, but the time to build a policy framework to facilitate these systems has arrived.’

The live free webinar will cover:

  • Why minimum standards on the distance and speed of data transfer will be vital for a reliable, high quality foundation to facilitate an optimized intelligent transport system
  • Whether NHTSA, test beds. OEMS  or a more focused regulating body will provide the certification guidelines and ‘rubber stamp’ auto safety tech. as road worthy
  • The accuracy of testing techniques such as simulations, off road environments and small scale deployments to ensure test bed successes translate onto the road

Panel speakers:

· Radovan Miucic, research engineer, Honda

· Matthew Smith. ITS program manager, Michigan Department of Transport

Registrants will also have the opportunity to join in live polling and Q&A with the speakers, as well as gain exclusive insights to the advanced automotive safety industry from these thought leaders.

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Note: Registrants will be sent the recording of the webinar. Telematics Update advises those who cannot attend on the day to sign up and a recording will be sent to you afterwards.

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