Vantiva launches Vantiva Smart Storage, the first end-to-end IoT SaaS solution for the self-storage industry


Vantiva , formerly known as Technicolor, a global technology leader in designing, developing and supplying innovative products and solutions that connect people and businesses around the world to the content and services they love, today announced the launch of Vantiva Smart Storage, the first end-to-end Wi-Fi and Internet of Things (IoT) software-as-a-service solution for the self-storage industry. Designed to transform self-storage facilities into smart spaces, this solution leverages Vantiva’s position as a leader in networked connectivity to empower property owners and operators to deliver a modern, efficient and customer-centric storage experience while driving growth and profitability. The self-storage market is the initial strategic entry point into vertical smart solutions for Vantiva. There are over 50,000 self-storage facilities with annual revenue reaching $40 billion and an average profit margin of 41% in the U.S., according to Neighbor’s 2022 Self-Storage Industry Statistics report.

Vantiva’s Smart Storage solution is simple to deploy and manage. This completely customizable and future-proof platform integrates 3rd party connected devices and subsystems while supporting multiple communication protocols. By leveraging data analytics, this advanced solution integrates disparate technology silos and delivers actionable information to address the unique needs of the self-storage industry, including the improvement of operational efficiencies that result in reducing costs, risks and liabilities for property owners and operators.

“The self-storage industry is undergoing a technological shift driven by increasing customer interest from the tech-savvy, space-strapped Gen Z, who expect a seamless integration of tech and apps,” said Reza Raji, Senior Vice President of the Smart Spaces IoT division at Vantiva. “Property owners and operators need to adapt to this emerging customer base with digital rentals, self-service and remote site management. However, all of this depends on ensuring there is robust and reliable site-wide connectivity, as it is the backbone of any IoT solution.”

With its decades of experience connecting homes and businesses around the world, Vantiva’s Smart Storage will deliver a vendor and tech-agnostic end-to-end solution. From conception through deployment and support, this solution will support owners and operators as they shift their customer base to a younger generation of renters and provide an enhanced customer experience to existing customers.

Vantiva’s Smart Storage has four main benefits for property owners and operators:

  • Robust world-class internet connectivity: Vantiva’s solution provides trusted connectivity for site-wide coverage, reliable networking capabilities and easy-to-install range extenders that scale with any sized business.
  • Remote and secure asset management and monitoring: Vantiva provides a fully integrated device and connectivity software platform that allows users 24/7 remote and secure monitoring of critical assets, including alerts.
  • Creation of new operational efficiencies: Vantiva’s platform enables site operators to automate customer interactions and transactions, facilitating optimized unit provisioning and configuring.
  • A completely customizable tenant experience for a highly differentiated offering: Vantiva provides a complete end-to-end solution that culminates in a consumer-facing app. Renters can remotely access and monitor their units through cameras and monitor temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions.
  • This is the latest development in Vantiva’s ongoing commitment to providing open and innovative technologies to industry leaders worldwide. The ultimate goal is to empower businesses to deliver end-users seamless connectivity and premium experiences by creating best-in-class solutions and partnering with the most innovative companies in the IoT ecosystem.

Vantiva’s Smart Spaces team will be attending the Self-Storage Association’s Exhibition and Tradeshow at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, September 5-8. Please visit Vantiva’s Smart Spaces to schedule a meeting.