Kuzey Kibris Turkcell Launches 4.5G Services in Northern Cyprus


Kuzey Kibris Turkcell (KKTCell), a telecommunications services provider in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and a subsidiary of Turkcell, has announced the launch of 4.5G services. In a ceremony held at the Headquarters Building, Northern Cyprus Turkcell announced the launch of its 4.5G service offering and internet experiences to its customers.

Northern Cyprus Turkcell highlighted in its statement that, after waiting for 9 years since the 4G beta tests in 2014, it has now become the first operator to introduce 4.5G in the country. Kuzey Kibris Turkcell termed 4.5G as a fourth-generation telecommunications service that offers faster mobile internet speed, more data capacity and low latency.

In its statement, Northern Cyprus Turkcell emphasized that, for KKTCell subscribers to experience 4.5G speeds, it is sufficient for the SIM card and device to be compatible with 4.5G. Then, customers can choose the network settings on their devices to enable 4.5G or simply restart the devices to connect to the network. The company also mentioned that customers can obtain 4.5G compatible SIM cards from Turkcell Communication Centers.

Users can start using the 4.5G service from September 7, 2023, at no extra cost. KKTCell stated that data usage will be charged according to the Mobile Internet package, which is currently valid as per the tariff.

In another related development this week, cooperation between Nicosia Turkish Municipality and Northern Cyprus Turkcell witnessed the launch of fast internet services, 4.5G, on the toy train.

The sightseeing train, known as the Nicosia Travel Train, provided by the Turkish Municipality of Nicosia for free use by everyone in the city to promote the historical places in the Nicosia wall, is an important attraction for tourists visiting the city.

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The train is equipped with fast internet service by Northern Cyprus Turkcell, allowing people travelling on the train to share video recordings, which the company believes will also contribute to the promotion of tourism.