Wirestorm Delivers DevOps in the Cloud with NetApp ONTAP Cloud for Amazon Web Services


“NetApp ONTAP Cloud drastically lowered our cloud cost and server spend. My team was able to reduce the number of deployment systems by 10 times and drop our total deployment time from 20 hours to under a minute,” said Jeremy Goodrum, VP of Engineering at Wirestorm.

“My team now relies on standardized automation and focuses only on application development instead of transferring large files, rebuilding testbeds, or trying to sync local development environments. For a DevOps shop, ONTAP takes productivity to a whole new level.”

Based in Redmond, Washington, Wirestorm builds and implements business intelligence, enterprise mobility applications, cloud computing, and technical staffing solutions for Fortune 500 companies. To accelerate and automate its DevOps process, Wirestorm turned to NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) and deployed NetApp® ONTAP® Cloud. In doing so, Wirestorm found a Data Fabric solution that delivered everything that the company needed for DevOps in the cloud—without a single physical arrayenabling Wirestorm to use only laptops.

By leveraging NetApp FlexClone® technology within ONTAP, Wirestorm significantly reduced the time that was required to deliver solutions to clients. By creating in seconds cloned images that look like original data, users can create multiple environments without having to copy data to each one. As a result, they can save on storage costs, increase efficiency, and reclaim the hours that it takes to build physical copies of datasets. This powerful framework has enabled Wirestorm to automate so efficiently that it can implement an end-to-end solution all the way to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in less than a minute.

In addition, NetApp OnCommand® Unified Manager and OnCommand Workflow Automation simplify the viewing and automation of storage tasks and data protection. Wirestorm’s automation can direct workloads from the platform to different areas, whether on the premises, on AWS, or on Microsoft Azure. The single platform eliminates the complexity of switching between various consoles for specific applications. Also, there is no need to build multiple scripts and configuration models around each cloud service.

With NetApp, Wirestorm’s DevOps team has a comprehensive suite of supporting tools. The company can holistically deliver a solution from a single vendor, a benefit that is directly transferred to Wirestorm’s clients.


  • NetApp ONTAP Cloud software allows Wirestorm to:
  • Lower the total cost of ownership of AWS.
  • Automate processes on the premises and in the cloud to save time for DevOps.
  • Integrate IT system management with NetApp technologies.
  • Automate deployment and implementation of NetApp products for Wirestorm customers.


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