Zain Jordan implements message filtering from Jinny


Zain Jordan has deployed Jinny Software’s SmartGuard Messaging Control Suite for message filtering and content subscription control.

SmartGuard provides protection to their subscribers from unsolicited text messages and unsubscribed content, as well as securing the network from spam and fraudulent activity such as spoofing and faking.

“Zain came to us with a specific requirement to protect their subscribers from nuisance text messages and unsolicited premium content, both which can affect a subscriber’s quality of service and damage the quality of service that they expect from a leading provider like Zain”, says Richard Choi, Jinny Chief Commercial Officer.  “Deploying SmartGuard closed the potential gaps to these risks and Zain customers are now secure and free from the irritation of spam ”, he added.

Ahmad Smadi, Data & VAS Manager at Zain Jordan, said: “Deploying SmartGuard has closed the door on any possible un-subscribed services for our customers, resulting in a massive improvement in their quality of service with a corresponding reduction in the level of customer care service required to manage our customers”.