Tim Berners-Lee joins the Nokia debate


Inventor of the World Wide Web Sir Tim Berners-Lee kicks off Nokia’s year of thoughtful debate around the question we’ve all asked: how can we ensure the influence of technology serves us, not machines?

While 2015 is set to be a unique moment in our company history, it does not change how we’ve shaped our business for the last 150 years. At Nokia, our focus is and has always been on people.

Today, we see a world full of exhilarating possibilities enabled by the internet and communications industry. Wireless communication, virtual and augmented reality, and the Internet of Things increasingly connects (and produces data on) everybody and everything.

It is incredibly exciting, but not wholly and automatically good for businesses, society and individuals. It also brings up a lot of questions. Some of the world’s leading minds are concerned about where technology is headed.

That is why we—with you our partners, customers and truly anyone impacted by technology—need to be mindful not to just drive technology for its own sake, but to make sure the solutions help each other thrive.

We invite you to join a debate that is open to everyone, to discuss how we want technology to shape our world, our societies and our lives.

Nokia is working with Wired magazine to ignite a global conversation about how we ensure the exponential influence of technology serves us, human beings, not machines. If you care, want to have your say, and be intrigued by other’s views, then join us at company.nokia.com/maketechhuman

If you visited us at Mobile World Congress (MWC), you saw some of the questions we are asking each other and ourselves about the human possibilities of technology. Additionally, we are excited to kickoff the debate this month with a series of inspiring and engaging events:

In March, Sir Tim Berners-Lee hosts a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) discussion covering topics relating to technology, its future and impact on humanity. Berners-Lee also led a very popular AMA last year , and returns at a particularly important time as he calls for a ‘Magna Carta’ bill of rights for the Web and its users.

Nokia is an official sponsor of TED2015, which brings some of the world’s leading business, society and technology minds together in a series of talks designed to give us a new view on the world. During the event, we will participate in a dinner conversation with eminent and influential thought-leaders on the near future of technology and its effects on people.

We are planning a series of similar dinner debates with you—our partners and customers—to share the questions on our minds and ask what the potential answers and opportunities we can offer.