Agile Networks Collaborates with RADWIN and Facebook to Deploy Super High Speed Broadband in Cantons Innovation District


Agile Networks, a leading provider of telecommunications solutions, announces a new pilot deployment of a Fixed Wireless Access solution that will help address the bandwidth challenge on Micropolitan areas across the U.S. starting with Canton. Agile will deploy the first commercial application of RADWIN’s Terragraph technology leveraging their long-term relationship with RADWIN to implement the system.

Terragraph by RADWIN, an advanced 60GHz mesh solution, delivers multi-gig wireless access services to homes and businesses in urban and suburban environments, expanding service providers’ network coverage beyond the fiber footprint. The system will enable rapid and cost-effective access to high-speed connectivity, bringing customers speeds up to 10-100 times faster than their existing connections. Terragraph enables multi-gigabit connectivity at fraction of the cost of buried fiber as it’s suitable for street level deployments on poles or buildings. The unique mesh architecture overcomes the mmWave challenges such as line-of-sight and range and enables network efficient and cost-effective expansion of broadband services.

“Terragraph will open an entirely new realm of possibilities in Canton’s Innovation District, and more broadly over Agile’s multistate geography” Agile Networks CEO Kyle Quillen said. “By leveraging our partnerships with global leaders in telecommunications and connectivity, we’re able to install the first system that delivers, multi-gig access to the entities within the Innovation District more efficiently and at a significantly lower cost than traditional fiber installation.

“Our team has been working for years with government entities at all levels to maximize the use of broadband as an economic development tool and a driving force to shape the future economic outlook for cities across Ohio. Terragraph is a game changer in this effort.”

Terragraph by RADWIN was developed in collaboration with Facebook, RADWIN and Intel. The project will serve as a global pilot to showcase how Terragraph can improve the telecommunications infrastructure of midsize cities ushering in more innovation, economic development, and growth.

“Facebook, RADWIN and Agile are bringing a new technology into the world that advances our ability to connect people to information and to each other in a more robust and cost-effective way,” said Lt. Governor Jon Husted, who serves as the Director of the newly-created InnovateOhio. “The fact that this is happening in Canton is a strategic advantage for the city and our state. Through our InnovateOhio efforts, we hope to expand this across Ohio to connect people to high-speed internet who have previously been left behind.”

“Canton is a city of new and ambitious ideas and this revolutionary connectivity program in the downtown Innovation District is prime example. We are proud to partner with Facebook, Radwin and Agile, a great hometown company, to ignite change and advance tech infrastructure here in Canton,” said Canton Mayor Thomas Bernabei.

Access to broadband is now deemed an essential service to participate in the global economy. With the technology available today, there is no reason for high-speed connectivity to be restricted to large metropolitan areas such as New York, Los Angeles, London and Hong Kong.

Terragraph technology helps address the connectivity shortfall and empowers underserved communities by providing high capacity broadband connectivity to residences and businesses, laying the foundation to build Smart Cities, growing innovation district and positioning cities for future growth through the ability to scale with evolving technology.

“We believe that people, no matter where they live, deserve a consistent, high-bandwidth internet experience. We are excited to work with Agile Communications and RADWIN as they deploy Terragraph technology in order to bring internet connectivity to more people who are unconnected or do not currently have fast or reliable access,” said Dan Rabinovitsj, vice president of Connectivity, Facebook.

Once complete, Canton’s Terragraph system becomes the symbolic kick off point – appropriate as the home of the Football Hall of Fame – for mid-size cities across the globe that will be bypassing costly fiber networks. These cities can leverage existing infrastructure to provide faster connectivity and shift the communications landscape to create pathways for economic development and community growth.

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