AppFlood shakes up Android distribution


PapayaMobile, a global leader in monetization and distribution, has announced a new service targeting Android developers looking for a solution to the skyrocketing costs of user acquisition. 

Aggressive strategies that include purchasing users at a loss in order to grow market share have pushed mobile CPA costs as high as $USD6 per user. Papaya’s new service called AppFlood ( aims to change that by giving developers the means to acquire new users through costfree cross promotion and a commission-free ad market.
Cross promotion is ideal for acquiring users at no additional cost. For example, whenever two developers share a user with each other via AppFlood then they will each have two users as a result. AppFlood is also the only cross promotion network where developers can choose to accumulate, transfer, and then unleash a flood of new users into any of their AppFlood connected apps. In addition to exchanging users, developers are able to buy and sell installs on the only commission-free install market. Currently, publishers and advertisers are being taxed as much as 30% by ad networks but will keep 100% of their revenue using AppFlood.
A simple three-step integration process ensures developers can begin exchanging, buying, and selling installs within minutes. AppFlood offers a full array of flexible ad units (banner, interstitial, and a more games panel) that compliment current publisher strategies and provide high quality non-incentivized users to advertisers. Each ad unit has been designed to seamlessly integrate into the app so it doesn’t impact the user experience. Several companies such as Frenzoo, Bulkypix, and Infolife have already seen positive results having been part of AppFlood’s private beta. “It was super easy to get AppFlood up and running. It took me literally 10 minutes to integrate the SDK and I had a campaign live within the hour.” said Jack Li, CTO of Caesars Game Studio.
“Developers share with us their anxiety over the ever-increasing cost of user acquisition, so we decided to create a solution that compliments any mobile strategy. We made AppFlood completely free so developers can get their games in the hands of users in a way that’s simple, flexible, and fair,” said Si Shen, CEO of PapayaMobile.
AppFlood is 100% open and free to all developers and does not require integration into Papaya’s social network. For a limited time developers will receive 1000 installs for each app they connect. More information can be found at