Cisco open a new network of digital hubs in Israel


The President of Israel, Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin, and Cisco Chairman and CEO, Chuck Robbins, inaugurated a new network of Digital Hubs in Jerusalem.

As part of the strategic partnership between Israel and Cisco to accelerate the country’s Digital Agenda, Cisco is working with the Government of Israel, local municipalities and partners to build a network of Digital Hubs to connect communities and businesses. Including the two new Digital Hubs in Jerusalem, there are ten hubs operating across Israel, with plans for a total of 100 hubs by the end of 2019.

Digital Hubs use Cisco Collaboration technologies to help local businesses and entrepreneurs work together and develop new business ideas. Using Cisco Spark, which combines diverse communication channels such as chat, video, phone and content sharing in one cloud-based app, they can easily create, share, and get work done together.

Digital Hubs also feature Cisco Spark Board, allowing community members to wirelessly present, whiteboard, and video conference with any other hub. Furthermore, Cisco worked with local start-up, Cob, who created a software application with additional tools such as pre-defined contract templates and a project management framework.

“Jerusalem is a microcosms of our ability to live together, we are not doomed to live together we are destined to live together, and the sooner we understand this, our quality of life will change dramatically. Initiatives like this promote this goal. In this initiative you not only promote the East and West of Jerusalem but also Hura, Dimona and Sapir. I am glad to be here and see a promise fully delivered,“ said President Rivlin.

“Cisco is proud to partner with the Government of Israel in accelerating innovation and promoting entrepreneurship and digital skills to build inclusive communities. With our new network of Digital Hubs, we are helping unconnected communities integrate into the digital economy, further supporting Israel’s Digital Agenda and driving more innovation in the region,” Chuck Robbins, Chairman and CEO, Cisco commented.