Cloudwork partners with Flexiant for business-oriented cloud solutions

Flexiant, a leading European provider of cloud orchestration software for on-demand, fully automated provisioning of cloud services, today announced that Cloudwork, a Netherlands based provider of cloud solutions hardware and software, has partnered with Flexiant to offer business-oriented cloud infrastructures to its clients.

By offering Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V2.0, Cloudwork is able to help its customers focus on the front-end processes of selling, marketing and deploying new cloud services rather than continually battling with technical challenges.
Cloudwork initially selected Flexiant to solve a specific challenge faced by one of its managed hosting provider customers. The customer had developed a highly sophisticated and competitive cloud service back end, but was struggling to secure the customers it deserved because its front office processes were less optimised. The biggest challenge was the time it took to on-board new customers, which took up to 48 hours on average. Cloudwork needed a solution that could help it streamline its front-end processes and power up new customers much more quickly.
Since deploying Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, Cloudwork can help customers deploy new services within just four minutes, realising their potential as fully-fledged cloud computing providers. Recognising the power of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, the Company now recommends the solution to every one of its customers looking to optimise the front-end of their cloud services.
“We have fully adopted Flexiant as part of our offering because it allows us to have a business discussion with our customers,” comments Victor Schmedding, commercial director, Cloudwork. “Other offerings in the marketplace push customers into a technical discussion, which isn’t helpful. Our customers already know how to run the technical aspects of their infrastructure. They come to us for help in marketing, selling and deploying their cloud services. Partnering with Flexiant really allows us to focus on the front-end solutions that make the real difference to our customers’ businesses.”
“Many service providers and hosters are struggling to adapt their business model from traditional managed hosting providers to cloud service providers,” states George Knox, Flexiant CEO. “By using our software to orchestrate the deployment of all aspects of a cloud computing infrastructure – from hardware through to software – Cloudwork is able to help service providers progress on their cloud journey.”
Looking to the future, Flexiant is working with Cloudwork to develop and deploy a Cloud TestLab in partnership with Interxion in Amsterdam. This follows the recently announced collaboration between Flexiant and Interxion to open a similar Cloud TestLab in London.
Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V2.0 enables service providers to quickly deploy, scale and manage all aspects of a cloud computing infrastructure, from physical to virtual resources. With low-cost-to-acquire software and a proven heritage in both the service provider industry and the cloud orchestration space, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator delivers a proven alternative to an in-house development that will accelerate the time to revenue for both service providers and their customers.