Flexible Battery Forms will Allow Apple to Design Thinner iPhones and iPads


Apple is looking at reshaped batteries which will enable future generation iOS devices to be much thinner, according to a patent filed by Apple with the US Patent & Trademark Office that has come to light recently.

As PatentlyApple, the main source when it comes to fresh patents, explains, “Apple’s invention relates to a battery cell which includes a set of electrode sheets of different dimensions arranged in a stacked configuration to facilitate efficient use of space inside a portable electronic device.”
This new battery configuration could be based on various non-rectangular designs to fit inside the iDevice more efficiently; this could include a toroidal shape, an L-shape, a pie-shape design, a triangular shape, a pyramidal one or even a cone-shape design – it’s all a matter of the space required and the designers imagination.
Apple clearly intends to use this new technology to save space with the newly shaped batteries and come up with more svelte devices in the future. Another intriguing possible implementation of this new patent technology, is that Apple may be able to produce thin curve-shaped portable elctronic devices.
It is, however, rather unlikely that this techology will be ready for the iPhone 5 coming later this year, and certainly not the iPad 3.