Gemalto, KPMG, SAP & VeriFone sharing vital views in launching mobile payments at Mobile Payments & NFC World Summit 2013


Mobile Payments market leaders, Gemalto, KPMG, SAP & VeriFone will be sharing their vital views in implementing Mobile Wallets, Banking the Unbanked, Point of Sales Mobile Payments & Mobile Remittance at Mobile Payments & NFC World Summit 2013 which will be held from 18 to 19 April 2013 in Hong Kong.

The following key issues will be addressed in depth with necessary Real World Case Studies:

• Regulatory Issues for Mobile Payments and the Applicable Rules and Regulations

• Current State and Future Trends of Mobile Payments

• New Opportunities and Challenges Facing the Banks in Delivering M-Payments

• For Banks – How to Successfully Align Financial Services with NFC and Mobile Payments Systems?

• Opportunities for Increasing Sales Volume for Merchants/Retailers in Deploying M-Payments

• Retailer Case Study – Mobile Payments in Australia – Are We Advanced or Behind the World?

• Transit Provider Case Study – Evolution of NFC Applications for Mobile Commerce in Singapore

• Operator Case Study – Business Model in A Bank-Led Environment

• Operator Case Study –  NFC – More Than Payment

• Innovative Mobile Payments Strategies to Capture New Market

• Additional Revenue Generating Channels through Deployment of M-Payments

• Critical Success Factors in Deploying Mobile Payment Services? – From Each Stakeholder’s Point of View

• Benefits and Business Case Drivers for Each Stakeholder

• Comparisons – Operator-Centric, Bank-Centric, 3rd Party Centric or Collaboration

• Critical Success Factors in Implementing Mobile Payments Services – Partnerships, Alliances, and Joint-Ventures

• Profitable and Sustainable Business Models

• How to Handle New Players that Have Emerged Strongly Positioned in Mobile Payments?

• Benchmarking Remittances-The Future of Money Transfer

• International Mobile Money Transfer and Remittance Market

• Enhancing the Lives of the Consumers through Mobile Money and Improve Stickiness

• Addressing Issues of Standardization and Interoperability

• Banking the ‘Unbanked’ – How to Capture the Mass Market?

• Effective & Sustainable Strategies to Encourage Active Consumer’s Usage of Mobile Payments

• Accessing Mobile Users Cost Effectively & Securely

• How to Drive the Consumer Usage of Mobile Payments?

• New Innovative Delivery Platforms for Mobile Payment Services

• Innovation & Sustainability in Offering Mobile Payments Services

• Building A Robust and Sustainable NFC Infrastructure

• Handset Technology Development Updates

• Management and Cost Issues in Implementation

• Security Issues – How to Succeed in Mobile Financial Services by Building A Trusted Brand?

• Fraud Mitigation in Mobile Payments

Companies/organisations representing the Mobile Payments Ecosystem will be speaking at this conference :

Russell Zimmerman, Executive Director, Australian Retailers Association, Australia

Nitin Chittal, Vice President & Head, Direct Banking Group, Axis Bank, India

Solaiman Alam, Head of PR & Communication and Mobile Commerce, Banglalink, Bangladesh

Frederick M. Faustino, Head, Mobile Banking Channel, Bank of Philippines Islands, Philippines

Salil Bhuvanadasan, Mobile Financial Services, BICS Asia, Singapore

Zhao Rong, Senior Business Development Director, China Mobile Labs, China

Fariq Cader, Senior General Manager Mcomm, Dialog Axiata, Sri Lanka

Karl Weaver, OEM/ODM Mobile Device Business Development Manager, Gemalto, China

Mir Rashedul Hossain, Head & General Manager-Business Development, Financial Services, Grameenphone, Bangladesh

Sandeep Indurkar, Head-Mobile Payments, ICICI Bank, India

James Mckeogh, Director, Management Consulting, KPMG, Hong Kong

Silvester Prakasam, Director (Fare Systems), Land Transport Authority, Singapore

Philip Yen, Group Head, Emerging Payments Asia/Pacific, Middle East & Africa, MasterCard Worldwide

Ichwansyah Putra, Head Product Development-Mobile Commerce Group, PT Indosat, Indonesia

Tom Wills, Director, Ontrack Advisory Group, Singapore

Tarik Husain, Senior Director, mCommerce, SAP, Singapore

Basker Rangachari, Regional Chief Marketing Officer, Hong Kong & North East Asia, Standard Chartered Bank, Hong Kong

Thierry Crespo, ST Secure Microcontroller NFC Marketing Manager, STMicroelectronics, France

Dan Armstrong, Partner, Takashi Mobile, The Netherlands

Sebastien Taveau, Chief Technical Officer, Validity, USA (formerly Astronomer/Principal, Mobile Ecosystems Integration, Paypal)

Matthew Teo, Director, Marketing and Business Development, ASPAC, VeriFone, Singapore

Gregg Marshall, VP of Business Development, Western Union, Singapore

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