MVNO White Mobile taps Tweakker for worldwide connectivity


White Mobile utilises Tweakker’s unique mobile internet technology ensuring customers connect seamlessly to the internet, and can send MMS and E-mail to anywhere in the world.

Britain’s White Mobile today announces that it has teamed-up with Tweakker to ensure its customers enjoy seamless global connectivity from power-up. By adopting Tweakker’s connectivity platform, the MVNO can expect to at least double data usage on its virtual network.

White Mobile is a low-cost Pay As You Go mobile provider focused on giving great value to the UK market. In particular, it provides low-cost international call SIM packages ensuring customers are no longer ripped off by ridiculously high international call charges.

It’s a well known fact that staying in contact with friends or loved ones in other countries has hit the UK mobile user in the pocket for far too long.

Not any longer. White Mobile prides itself on offering the best possible call rates. For example, users in the UK can call India or China from 1p per minute while international SMS cost as little as 8p. UK call costs are also great value, with landline and mobile calls costing just 3p and 6p respectively, and calls and SMS’s to other White Mobile customers are free. White Mobile’s high quality network covers 99% of the UK and operates on a non-contract free SIM basis.

White Mobile’s agreement with Tweakker now means it will also provide its customers with instant data connectivity from power-up. Tweakker’s unique connectivity platform means set-up problems and expensive calls to far-off call centers are now a thing of the past.

Tweakker, which has the largest connectivity database in the world, provides mobile operators with the platform that allows end users to easily connect to the internet, and send MMS and E-mail to anywhere around the world. Its mobile connectivity platform is compliant with all customer interaction points, API, self-care, and smartphone apps.