Klabin Takes Connectivity to the Forest with Motorola Solutions Technology


Instant secure voice and data communications allow teams to stay connected, even in the most remote locations. To run their operations at all times and keep their employees safe, Klabin has chosen a digital MOTOTRBO™ radio system by Motorola Solutions for its resource monitoring and communication network at the Puma and Monte Alegre plants, located in the vast forests of the state of Paraná.

With 17 plants in Brazil and one in Argentina, Klabin owns 239,000 hectares of pine and eucalyptus forests and 216,000 hectares of preserved native forests. Aware of its complex operation, the company makes regular investments in technology to improve its production line, energy efficiency and sustainability.

To connect the forested regions with Klabin’s command centers, a MOTOTRBO Linked Capacity Plus system was implemented with SLR5100 and DGR6175 repeaters at six signal repeater stations in the company’s production plants. Machinery used in the company’s forestry operation—heavy equipment, trucks, etc.— are equipped with DGM8000 and DGM8500 MOTOTRBO radios, and staff on the ground use DGP8550e and DGP5050 handheld radios. In total, there are more than 700 radios in the field, with clear and instant audio communication and precise GPS-positioning. The SpeedTRUCK and SpeedDATA software along with the TRBOnet PLUS solution allow for dispatching and recording of communications across the company’s entire network.

“The digital communications system developed by Motorola Solutions and deployed by Lithus is reliable and cost effective, offering us vast possibilities for data transmission,” said Lucas Vinicius dos Santos, responsible for the project at Klabin.

The system monitors a fleet of 300 trucks and 30 cranes used in forestry operations. 300.000 GPS points (geo-referenced points) are generated and stored in the database every day and 380.000 PTT (push-to-talk) calls are made every month. This collected data allows the company to conduct data analysis and optimize truck routes as well as the distribution of cranes. As a result, the company is able to reduce fuel and maintenance costs and maximize the efficiency of assets.

From a safety perspective, workers can now count on a system that is always available and provides precise GPS coordinates, allowing the company to respond quickly to any emergency, including in locations not covered by cell phone service.

Santos explains that in the future, Klabin plans to roll out a radiocommunication service plan and deploy new applications. “The technology developed by Motorola Solutions offers a wide range of options for Klabin. Through data transmission, we can use telemetry in the machines, integrate devices such as smartphones and boost efficiency. Digital radios have transformed the field; we will develop applications for tablets that we will then place inside a machine in the middle of the forest, providing us with information in real-time.”

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