MX Player ranked seventh in AppAnnies top video streaming apps by time spent


MX Player has ranked seventh in the top video streaming apps by time spent worldwide, as per App Annie. Currently, this entertainment streaming platform has 280 million MAUs globally and 175 million MAUs in India.

The report indicates that as consumers continue to migrate more of their lives to mobile, smartphones are set to be the battleground for consumer mindshare and ad dollars in the coming decade. MX Player’s offering and scale positions it to be a major force in this landscape.

MX Player CEO Karan Bedi said, “In this competitive landscape, we are the only entertainment platform that is focusing on all our users’ entertainment needs – across local video, streaming video, music, and gaming. We offer content across languages and in varied formats to suit the consumption pattern of our users, coupled with music and now games in India. After launching our streaming video, music and gaming services in India, we are now live in 5 other countries and are looking at further expansion in other international markets as well – for which we are already in the beta testing phase.”

Operating at scale in India with an advertising led model for premium content, the platform integrates its offline video playing capabilities with a library of streaming video content including originals, movies, web series, TV shows, news, music, and games.