MetTel and Sotera Team Up to Bring the Highest Security Standard to Mobile Communications


MetTel, a digital transformation and communications leader, announced today that it will introduce the ultra-secure Sotera SecurePhone from Sotera Digital Security to government and commercial enterprise customers.

MetTel customers now have access to the same secure communication technology that powers some of the most critical and sensitive systems in the world in a mobile form factor. The operating system that powers the Sotera SecurePhone is the same operating system that is trusted to secure the United States nuclear arsenal, commercial airliners, and NASA space systems. These are systems that must not only be secure, they also cannot fail.

The Sotera SecurePhone is validated by Netragard, a highly reputable, third-party penetration testing organization which has confirmed that the Sotera SecurePhone is the most secure mobile communication device available. Netragard provides offensive and defensive security services to the US Department of Defense.

MetTel is a four-time and current Leader of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Network Services as well as an official IT communications vendor on the US General Services Administration’s (GSA) $50 billion Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract designed to modernize and transform US Federal government networks.

The Sotera SecurePhone joins a growing, robust line-up of security offerings from MetTel that include a range of network and endpoint-based solutions. “Security and privacy are of utmost importance to individuals working with sensitive information, and mobile communications have always been a prime target for data and identity theft,” said Max Silber, Vice President of Mobility and IoT at MetTel. “The Sotera SecurePhone allows our customers to communicate anywhere without fear of their sensitive information being exposed by malicious actors.”

Sotera is built from the ground-up with a focus on secure communications: first, securing the hardware; second, securing the operating system; and third, securing the applications. The Sotera SecurePhone is the first and only product to lock down all three layers in a single solution.

Securing the Hardware: Sotera is built securely from the silicon up using the MediaTek P60 chipset. The Sotera handset will not authenticate foreign hardware and will deny power from the battery, dramatically reducing the risk of physical attacks.

Securing the Operating System: Sotera runs on the Integrity 178B RTOS which has no known vulnerabilities and is implemented in security critical systems, including U.S. military aircraft and NASA’s Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle.

Securing the Applications: Sotera SecurePhone applications are both secure and isolated using a security-enhanced Signal protocol-based voice/messenger as well as an authentication system with transactional server. All communication and file-sharing are encrypted endpoint to endpoint.

“We are extremely excited to work with a B2B partner having the industry-recognized caliber of MetTel to offer our Sotera SecurePhone,” said David Kay, CEO of Sotera Digital Security. “Now MetTel users can protect their companies’ sensitive communications with an efficient, affordable and completely secure solution.”

“Smartphone devices and their operating systems have known vulnerability risks, but what is perhaps most concerning is how reliant enterprise executives and government officials are on applications such as Signal and WhatsApp. Many responsible leaders are not aware that using these applications are not advisable for confidential communications. While they may be secure in their own right, these applications are used on hardware and software that is not. If the phone’s hardware or software is hacked, then so are the apps,” Kay explained.

Sotera powered by MetTel will allow secure communications across a variety of different sectors:

  • Confidential Business: In the modern business environment with a dispersed workforce, Sotera SecurePhone allows individuals working with sensitive data and trade secrets to have secure communications between offices or in the field both domestically and internationally. It also offers a means to communicate during crisis securely and reliably, so business leaders can make decisions and coordinate a response, quickly.
  • Legal Services: Sotera SecurePhone protects sensitive legal data from unauthorized access or interception, including witnesses involved in criminal defense, undisclosed M&A activity, or complex multiparty negotiations.
  • Financial Services: Often dealing with sensitive data including personal and financial information, financial institutions, executives, and high net worth individuals can securely discuss banking, investments, and financial transactions with clients and their firms.
    Government and Government Contracting: Used by high-level executives, government officials, and diplomats who handle sensitive information and travel frequently to unstable or untrustworthy countries, this system can provide an additional layer of security against eavesdropping and unauthorized access to communications.