Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace Reaches 60,000 Apps


It has hardly been a month since the Windows Phone Marketplace reached its 50,000 app milestone, and Microsoft has already added 10,000 more apps, thus taking the total tally to 60,000.

No doubt, this reflects the truly impressive rate at which the Windows Marketplace is expanding. In fact, 10,000 apps within a matter of 25 days means, on average, 400 apps are being added to the online app store everyday, reports Windows 8 Beta.
Interestingly, it took the company 40 days to add the previous 10,000 apps (from 40,000 to 50,000). Also, around the time when the 50,000 milestone was within reach, almost 265 apps per day on average were being added.
Experts are of the opinion that at this rate, it won’t take the company more than the first quarter of this year to reach the 100,000 apps mark. Add to that the fact that the smarphone operating system’s latest version Windows Phone Tango is about to be introduced, things couldn’t get better.
With the launch of Tango, coupled with Nokia’s entry into the Windows Phone family, the Windows Phone Marketplace may reach new heights. This is exciting for the company and for Windows Phone fans.