Option unveils flexible M2M 3G gateway


Option, a global leader in wireless connectivity, security and experience, today announces CloudGate – a secure, reliable and affordable 3G M2M gateway that brings new levels of flexibility and ease of deployment for M2M solutions in the US market.

At launch, CloudGate delivers secure and reliable LAN to 3G routing in a robust, compact, form factor that is compatible with all GSM and CDMA US mobile networks in a single product. CloudGate can adapt to system integrator and customer needs through its innovative cloud provisioning service and unique hardware flexibility. CloudGate enables system integrators and M2M middleware vendors to automatically deploy their solutions onto customer’s units when targeting specialized vertical markets.

Patrick Hofkens, Chief Development Officer at Option said: “CloudGate combines Option’s in-depth understanding of 3G and router technology with server and user experience knowledge. The product was developed following feedback received from system integrators who were looking for an easy-to-use and value priced 3G gateway. Easy-to-use to our customers means 3 things. First, that the product works out of the box on all US mobile networks. Secondly, being able to quickly and efficiently deploy their M2M solutions on the gateway without any further interference from our side. And, thirdly, to have access to card slots so that they have the flexibility to add functionality via accessory cards. CloudGate delivers all three.”

The CloudGate base product automatically configures itself to connect to all major US mobile network operators allowing system integrators and resellers to stock one base unit that will adapt to a specific end user’s site requirements. The product incorporates two hardware expansion slots which enables full customization in the channel or onsite, at or after deployment. CloudGate continuously monitors 3G connectivity and incorporates a number of innovative error recovery mechanisms that allow it to ensure the persistence of the 3G connection.

Option plans to release a number of different expansion cards for CloudGate and is also working with third parties to develop specific hardware and software solutions for specific vertical markets. Option is licensing the expansion card format and connector details to interested parties free of charge.