Telenor Connexion introduces security solution optimized for connected services


As more products become connected they are also exposed to potential “hacking” attacks, fraud or misusage. Hence improving privacy, integrity and security becomes a critical part of a M2M service deployment program. Telenor Connexion’s new end-to-end security service, eSEC, helps customers with a positive security business case by reducing complexity, increasing security and simplifying M2M.

With the introduction of the eSEC (embedded Security Enabled Communications) service Telenor Connexion is taking an end-to-end approach to security in M2M solutions, ensuring that all possible “hacking” points in a connected service are addressed. The new eSEC managed service solution enables end-to-end encryption all the way from the M2M device through any connectivity channel to a security gateway.

“At Telenor Connexion we pride ourselves on our proactive service awareness and the ability to help our customers get their offerings to market. Now we are turning our eyes towards the total business case around security as an area where we can help our customers simplify their connectivity strategy and increase security levels”, says Stephen Bryant, CTO of Telenor Connexion.

Having an end-to-end security solution also means a “walled garden” where content, applications, payments and other services can securely be made available to open new revenue possibilities. To accomplish this there are four key criteria; banking grade security, lightweight encryption methods, open roadmap and manageability. All addressed in the eSEC managed service solution.

“We believe it is time to look past today’s APN and VPN setup as the primary means of securing connectivity. With the eSEC solution we provide a managed service and support products which have a supported and maintained roadmap. As important as the technology, we provide a full managed security service providing alarms, reporting and 24/7 surveillance and service desk that is ready to act!”, Stephen Bryant continues.

Optimized for connected services, eSEC makes it possible to ensure end-to-end security at low cost. Not only does the solution reduce traffic and accompanying cost, it also reduces the investment cost needed compared to traditional security solutions.

Moreover the eSEC services are not limited to use with Telenor Connexion’s SIM or connectivity, meaning all IP and SMS connectivity can be secured regardless of supplier of connectivity channel.

In summary eSEC will significantly increase the security level of M2M solutions without a substantial investment. Because the service is hosted in a cloud based environment this also ensures scalability and redundancy for future needs.