Saudi Telecom Company (STC) announces the first global Multi-Vendor Integration in its 5G Network


STC completes the first global Multi-Vendor-Integration-Verification (MVIV) for its Huawei and Cisco core infrastructure with Ericsson and Nokia supplied 5G Radio Networks. This is the first of its kind achievement that will pave the way for STC to lead a diverse 5G deployment through joint innovation.

STC continues to boost its 5G network capabilities and strives to provide best “Ultra High Speed & Low Latency” experience for its customers through the newly emerging 5G network.

Following the 5G launch in 2018, STC and its global partners have continued to cooperate to enhance the 5G ecosystem in the Kingdom. These joint interoperability successes will ensure seamless interworking between all elements of STC infrastructure and will deliver the best possible results. This critical achievement will speed up the introduction of the latest 5G technologies and nurture the growth of 5G services to fulfill ever-growing market expectations. As a result, this development will act as a solid step towards meeting total national digitization transformation. This milestone will enable flexibility and agility in our field deployment and ensures smoother launch of services. This is also viewed as a direct contribution in compliance with the latest 3GPP Release.

Eng. Khaled I. Al Dharrab, Infrastructure Sector VP, STC, said: “5G network is developing at a very high rate. STC is a leading worldwide operator with a commitment to pioneer the technological advancements and introduce new 5G services and use-cases. We have already put ourselves on the road to enable technology and shape the future of 5G services in the Kingdom.

Our collaboration with our global suppliers will push forward the boundaries for our 5G ambitions. It will definitely lead to the rise of new class of services that will go far ahead in meeting our customers’ high expectations. A well-integrated 5G network with full interoperability will deliver endless possibilities and opportunities for our deserving customers. This will also facilitate the road towards meeting KSA national 2030 Vision”.