stc Group and China Mobile International partner to modernize IoT aggregation


stc Group, the leading digital enabler in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, has forged a strategic alliance with China Mobile International Limited (CMI) to advance the deployment and implementation of IoT connectivity services in various industries in the region. The partnership was announced during the world’s top telecommunications conference, Mobile World Congress (MWC), hosted in Barcelona from the 26th to the 29th of February.

The collaboration between stc Group and CMI is expected to leverage the strengths of both companies in digital transformation and enable them to provide innovative solutions to their customers. With this partnership, stc further advances its position as a key player in the IoT market and contributes to the growth of the digital economy in the MENA region. Additionally, CMI’s advanced IoT capabilities are set to enhance the scope and efficiency of smart solutions offered to customers, driving forward the integration of IoT technologies across various sectors.

Through this collaboration, stc Group will provide IoT connectivity services to CMI in the Kingdom and the region, enhancing customer benefits by ensuring seamless execution to the OEMs and end customers.

Furthermore, the agreement cements the collaboration between stc Group and CMI, outlining the shared arrangements with OEMs, thus ensuring an efficient delivery of IoT connectivity services to customers in the region. By leveraging their combined expertise, stc Group and CMI will facilitate access to cutting-edge IoT capabilities, empowering businesses to innovate and thrive in the digital era.

Moreover, the agreement reflects stc Group’s commitment to enhancing and modernizing IoT aggregation within the market, perfectly aligning with the Group’s strategic focus on business growth and expansion. With this partnership, stc Group solidifies its position at the forefront of IoT technology, driving the evolution of the industry and paving the way for future developments. CMI strives to create a partner ecosystem with regional and global carrier partners, empowering local operators to provide convenient services and leverage on China Mobile’s leading 5G and IoT capabilities.