TeliaSonera launches 100G network covering Europe, North America


Following an upgrade of their pan-European network, TeliaSonera International Carrier (TSIC) has become the first global carrier with 100G (100 gigabits per second) networks spanning Europe and North America.

Their North American network was upgraded to 100G in November 2012 and connects 23 cities as far west as Los Angeles. This is now complemented by a pan-European 100G network stretching from Madrid to Moscow.

“We own and operate our own global fiber backbone. This lets us deploy the technology required to build a future-enabled network. For our wholesale customers, 100G means the ability to scale up capacity without scaling up complexity – and doing so cost-efficiently”, says Erik Hallberg, President of TeliaSonera International Carrier.

Using 100G in both North America and Europe, TSIC is also looking at options to upgrade its trans-Atlantic connection to 100G. This will create a seamless 100G enabled network encompassing Europe and North America.

The European 100G network upgrade is based on NSN’s hiT 7300 platform. In the US Infinera’s DTNX platform is used. This dual-vendor stance is part of maintaining the independence of TeliaSonera’s network and its ability to adapt to ever-changing and ever-increasing market demands.

It is another first for TSIC, who was also the first to sell wholesale wavelengths, the first to offer high-end bandwidth on demand and the first to break the terabit barrier.