TruFactor Launches a Secure Data Platform for Telcos Powered by Microsoft Azure


The InMobi Group, which powers intelligent, mobile-first experiences for enterprises and consumers, today unveiled TruFactor, an independent business unit for telcos. TruFactor’s mission is to enable telcos to transform their digital assets into strategic knowledge and provide competitive advantage in a world of connected devices.

Derived from InMobi’s acquisition of Pinsight Media, a formerly wholly-owned subsidiary of Sprint, TruFactor’s data platform enables telcos to ingest, curate and analyze data to increase user privacy, improve customer experience and drive growth. It transforms raw, network-level mobile data into actionable intelligence to improve customer experience and retention.

TruFactor is partnering with Microsoft to bring its secure data platform to market through Microsoft Azure, which delivers enterprise-grade security, best-in-class machine learning APIs and global scale. TruFactor will use Azure Data Lake Storage as its foundation for delivering secure, massively scalable data lake functionality that is tightly integrated with all Azure Analytics services.

“Telcos are increasingly under pressure to deliver responsible and secure data management in a world driven by intense competition, rapid technological changes and accountable privacy practices,” said Piyush Shah, Co-Founder, InMobi Group and President, Marketing Cloud and TruFactor. “Built with consumers and businesses in mind, TruFactor exists at the intersection of truth and fact – emerging as the one true factor that enterprises can trust for growth.”

As InMobi’s partner and TruFactor’s first customer, Sprint is already experiencing the platform’s benefits. Built on the foundation of trust and data, TruFactor upholds the highest standard of governance, policy and regulation to ensure the privacy and security of consumer information through a robust anonymization process.

The TruFactor platform has been developed through active collaboration with consumer advocacy groups and takes into consideration guidelines issued by privacy regulators. Designed to provide the user with complete transparency, choice and control over how their data is used, the platform comes with a secure and consumer focused, privacy-first policy framework and a scalable data management layer.

“We’re pleased to be working with InMobi and TruFactor to bring to market an open and extensible platform for telcos,” said Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President, One Commercial Partner (OCP), Microsoft Corp. “Our aim at Microsoft is to empower enterprises to derive more value from their data and deliver world-class customer experiences. This announcement builds on our existing work with InMobi and brings together three of our core business aspects around cloud, AI and user privacy.”

TruFactor helps telcos transform data into insightful and actionable ingredients across a variety of business cases.

About InMobi Group
InMobi Group’s mission is to power intelligent, mobile-first experiences for enterprises and consumers. Its businesses across advertising, marketing, data and content platforms are shaping consumer experience in a world of connected devices. InMobi Group has been recognized as a 2018 CNBC Disruptor 50 and one of Fast Company’s 2018 World’s Most Innovative Companies.

About TruFactor
TruFactor’s mission, as part of InMobi Group, is to enable telcos to transform their digital assets into strategic knowledge and provide a competitive advantage in a world of connected devices.