Vimpelcom deploys 100G in Russia


Ciena Corporation, the network specialist, today announced that global telecoms service provider VimpelCom has deployed Ciena’s 100G coherent optical networking technology in its backbone network.

 Equipped with Wavelogic™ optical processors and stretching more than 580 kilometers on a critical route in central Russia, the high-speed link has been put in place to help VimpelCom cope with the increased bandwidth requirements that the operator is experiencing in its network core.
Key Facts:
VimpelCom has deployed Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform in its backbone network in Russia. With the deployment of 100G technology, VimpelCom addresses the capacity constraints it has been facing as a result of increasing adoption of bandwidth-heavy services, such as cloud computing and mobile video, among its consumer and business customers.
The new 100G link, which connects the Russian cities of Ufa and Samara through 587 kilometers of optical fiber, is an extension of VimpelCom’s existing Ciena-powered 40G network, with 100G wavelengths carrying live traffic and operating alongside 40G signals. The ability to simultaneously put 40G and 100G on the same system helps VimpelCom resolve the capacity crunch on its network and allows for seamless upgrades to higher data throughputs as and when the need arises.
In addition, the Ciena 100G technology protects VimpelCom’s existing investment in fiber infrastructure, by allowing a significant increase in data transfer volume without the need for costly deployment of new fiber routes.
The deployment was carried out in close cooperation with Ciena’s Platinum BizConnect partner ADV Consulting, which was instrumental in the implementation phase of the project. ADV Consulting’s expertise served VimpelCom in deploying Ciena’s 100G equipment in a live network alongside existing 40G channels ensuring that traffic was not disrupted as the new technology was introduced.
Executive Comments:
“As our customers have over the last few years become increasingly sophisticated in their use of devices and services, the traffic on our backbone network has grown exponentially. As a service provider in the leading edge of technology adoption, we are committed to ensuring that we have the latest technology at our disposal to address our needs, which has led us to deploying Ciena’s market-leading 100G solution. The ease with which the network extension was performed not only showed that any of our bandwidth constraint issues can be solved in an easy and truly non-invasive manner, but also proved that our infrastructure can scale as and when we need it to, in order to meet our customers’ future demands.”
Alexey Sapunov, Transport Network Director, OJCS VimpelCom 
“The claim of leadership in the deployment of a technology requires that the differentiating quality solves a tangible business challenge. VimpelCom’s 100G network is, to our knowledge, the first long-haul 100G network deployed in the Russian Federation – but much more importantly, it helps the operator effectively address the very real issue of capacity demand, which in today’s era of sharp rises in broadband services many operators have become acutely aware of.”
Sergei Fishkin, regional managing director, Russia, CIS and the Baltics at Ciena
Technology Background:
Ciena’s WaveLogic coherent optical processors enable operators to maximize the reach, capacity and flexibility of networks by enabling seamless upgrades to 40G/100G and beyond. Using innovative coherent receiver, high-speed analog to digital, and custom digital signal processing technology that integrates intelligence into the equipment, Ciena’s technology offers ease-of-deployment, cost efficiency and network investment protection. 
The pioneer and market leader of coherent optical technology, Ciena has shipped more than 14,000 coherent 40G/100G line interfaces to over 120 customers across the globe.