5G Field Trials in Japan conducted by Huawei, NTT Docomo & TOBU Railway together


Huawei collaborated with NTT DOCOMO, INC. and TOBU RAILWAY CO., LTD again in 5G system trial at TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN as part of 5G Field Trials initiated by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan (MIC).

The system trial was conducted as part of NTT DOCOMO’s contract of MIC’s 5G Field Trial with an aim to research technical conditions to use the 28GHz band and other candidate spectrums for 5G in dense urban area by investigating into radio propagation characteristics as well as evaluating 5G system performance with focus on enhanced Mobile Broad Band (eMBB) applications.

In December 2017, Huawei had succeeded in 5G long-distance and high-speed data transmission between TOKYO SKYTREESM and a shopping facility at TOBU RAILWAY’s Asakusa Station on the 28GHz band together with NTT DOCOMO and TOBU RAILWAY. Huawei also evaluated 5G system performance when creating an immersive video communication with clear voice calls and smooth video footage by using Microsoft HoloLens connected to the end to end 5G network used for the long-distance and high-speed data transmission.

Huawei, as a partner of NTT DOCOMO’s 5G experimental trial and contract of MIC’s 5G Field Trial, will continue to evaluate 5G data transmission and system performance required for video communication services toward Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and beyond.