ChatGPT maker OpenAI planning to release a new open-source language model


ChatGPT maker OpenAI is gearing up to make a significant move in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) development by releasing a new open-source language model. This comes as open-source AI models gain momentum, posing a challenge to industry giants like Google and OpenAI. This development comes weeks after a leaked letter from a senior engineer at Google also acknowledged the progress made by open-source AI tools and its direct threat to Google and OpenAI.

The specifics of OpenAI’s upcoming open-source model remain undisclosed. However, it is not expected to directly compete with the flagship ChatGPT. Instead, it is anticipated to contribute to the growing ecosystem of open-source AI.

OpenAI’s generative AI gained significant momentum when it launched ChatGPT to the public. This triggered a race among tech companies, with Google quickly announcing its own Bard chatbot. Meta Platforms, not wanting to be left behind, granted academics access to advanced machine-learning models capable of understanding conversational language. These models were then transformed into open-source software, leading to the development of free alternatives to ChatGPT and other proprietary AI software.

The rapid advancement of free AI models has brought them to a level of performance that is comparable to proprietary models from Google and OpenAI. As a result, many software developers are expected to choose open-source alternatives. 

The availability of free alternatives empowers developers and researchers worldwide, democratizing access to cutting-edge technology and driving further advancements in the field.