IDT Introduces Industry’s First 18-Output Buffer with Best-in-Class Additive Jitter Performance for Telecom Applications


Integrated Device Technology, Inc introduced its new 8SLVS1118 fanout buffer, the industry’s first with 18 outputs and which has the lowest additive jitter in its class.

This combination of 18 outputs – two more than its nearest competitors and best-in-class additive jitter performance make the 8SLVS1118 ideal for current and emerging telecommunication, industrial and medical applications that have critical timing
requirements necessitating well-defined and repeatable clock distribution performance.

“The innovation in our new 8SLVS1118 shows IDT’s ongoing commitment to offering a broad and comprehensive portfolio of high-performance timing solutions for today’s most demanding applications such as terabit routers and switches required for upcoming 5G networks,” Kris Rausch, vice president of IDT’s Timing Division. “The 8SLVS1118’s unique combination of 18 outputs and low additive jitter allows product designers to meet critical timing requirements while also keeping the BOM costs down.”

The 8SLVS1118’s 18 outputs are a compelling advantage for designers of routers and switches used in networking, industrial and medical applications, which have seen their BOM costs increase as the number of ports steadily rise to 96 on a typical board. Designers can reduce their overall bill of materials (BOM) by utilizing the 18 high-density outputs of 8SLVS1118 and their selectable CMOS, LVPECL, or LVDS logic levels to simplify the clocking architecture of their products, rather than having to use additional fanout buffers with fewer outputs.

Complementing the advantages of 8SLVS1118’s 18 outputs is its best-in-class additive jitter performance of just 39 fs, which is substantially lower than the 50+ fs performance typical of competitors’ large fanout buffers. High-performance switches and routers require extremely clean signals, which makes additive jitter a major concern as it grows as switches and routers increase in performance from 25 to 100 to 400 Gbps and beyond.

IDT’s 8SLVS1118 fanout buffer is available today. IDT’s scalable supply chain and worldwide distribution network is ready to support low- and high-volume orders.

Visit to see the complete portfolio of high-performance fanout buffers including devices with differential and selectable output frequency options up to 3.2 GHz and single-ended output frequency options up to 350 MHz.

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