The Techno Group signs on to Pacnet Enabled Network


The Techno Group, one of Australia’s leading systems integrators, has signed on to the Pacnet Enabled Network (PEN) for running its disaster recovery operation and addressing customers’ business demands. PEN is a fully automated software-defined network (SDN) that allows The Techno Group to self-provision bandwidth in minutes, based on its individual business needs.

The Techno Group offers private cloud-based solutions hosted out of data centres in Melbourne and Sydney for clients throughout Australia and the wider Asia-Pacific region. Prior to signing on to PEN, The Techno Group used a fixed-cost bandwidth connection for its disaster replication requirements but it was only utilised during an actual disaster recovery process, resulting in limited or no activity for lengthy periods of time while still incurring the same fixed bandwidth cost.

With PEN, The Techno Group is now able to provision network services between two locations in minutes via an online portal Pacnet Connect without going through the traditional, long lead, manual provisioning process.  The Techno Group has successfully been able to virtually link its data centre locations with up to 200 Mbps of bandwidth which is available anytime for its disaster recovery process.

“The Pacnet Enabled Network has taken our disaster recovery program to a new level by giving us the flexibility to perform data replication based on demand.  It is fantastic to see that new technologies like PEN are now available here in Australia to help systems integrators like us,” said Peter Bell, founder, Techno Group. “We have taken advantage of PEN to both optimise resources, while minimising costs enabling us to delivering a premium solution to our client base.”

Specifically, The Techno Group’s Techno Phobia business unit is using PEN to support customers who require secure file transfers such as design and printing companies, which need to send large files across continents and require readily available bandwidth on demand. The Techno Group is only billed according to the amount, quality and duration of its network usage while at the same time benefitting from industry-leading SLAs and secure private network.

Nigel Stitt,  chief executive officer, Australia and New Zealand Pacnet said, “Across the region, PEN is enabling customers such as The Techno Group to transform their businesses for the new always-on digital era and reap the benefits of high-performance and cloud-ready networks.  With PEN, Pacnet brings cloud capability down to the network layer, empowering private and public sector organisations with robust, on-demand, scalable bandwidth which produce both an economic and business benefit.”

PEN users are able to create a virtualised cross-connected environment leveraging Pacnet’s wholly-owned network of data centres and extensive submarine cable infrastructure for unrivalled coverage of business centres across Asia-Pacific. PEN also utilises OpenFlow, an open-source technology, for high-performance network management, providing seamless connectivity to a hybrid cloud service environment, giving customers the flexibility to choose their cloud vendor.